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Takoma Voice Insert - April 2007

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The Falsettos
TV’s Fab Family gives another schlub a new lease on life, whether he wants it or not.  In this episode, the “victim” chooses between moc croc cowboy boots and concrete galoshes. But things get dicey when JoJo is suspected to be sharing fashion tips with a rival designer; he sings like a bird when Christaphuh threatens him with a curling iron.

Law & Order TPU
Detective Benson goes undercover to find out who put the feta tongs in the tofu container.

Welcome Back Snipper

A hometown boy comes back from humble beginnings to win the Ward 5 council seat. Every week he must deal with council members like Joy "Boom-boom" Austin-Lane, Doug "Barbarino" Barry and all of the other lovable Fret-hogs.

Desperate House Cleaners
The domestic employees of Garland Avenue rally together when a client insists on eco-friendly cleaning products, but one of them has something to hide.  Bleach.

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