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We All Scream for Mom's Cream

The Mounds Platter
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TAKOMA PARK, MD - If many of your neighbors seem a little bit healthier, less cranky, and more likely to nap at odd times during the day, a group of hard-working moms can tell you why. Your neighbors are most likely imbibing what has become Takoma Park's beverage du jour: breast milk. They're ordering it with their lattes, buying it by the gallon at the co-op, licking it in sweet form at the ice cream store -- even taking it straight from the source... (read more)

Thunderbolts Strike Down Angelos' Power Grab

SILVER SPRING, MD - In a recent historic match-up, the Silver Spring/Takoma Park Thunderbolts baseball team beat the Baltimore Orioles 17 to 3, ending Orioles owner Peter Angelos' attempt to snuff out the beloved local baseball team... (read more).

Roscoe Resurfaces in Year of the Rooster


TAKOMA PARK, MD—Six years after his death in morning rush hour, Roscoe the Rooster will once again be the center of attention on Carroll Avenue. Takoma Park Police are preparing to exhume Rooster's body in response to new forensic evidence identifying the infamous McNoggin of November 2000 as Roscoe the Rooster and fueling speculation that Rooster's death was the result of foul play... (read more)

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