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Takoma Park Crime Report

Fall 2005

This report is not intended to be inclusive of all crime and arrests reported to the Takoma Park Police Department.

Prepared by Lt. August Van Hofstra

700 block Maple Ave. 11 p.m. Aug. 20—A vegan was pelted with eggs and Gogurts by a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. The lacto-ovo-vegetarian left the scene before police arrived.

8000 block Flower Ave. 10 a.m. Aug 21—A woman was seen bottle-feeding her infant. Child Protective Services was called to investigate.

700 block Willow St. 8 p.m. Aug. 22—A woman exited CVS with a loaf of white bread. She was warned and released.

8000 block Carroll Ave 11 a.m. Aug 23—Twenty people were ticketed for gathering and not protesting anything.

800 block Elm Ave. 12 a.m. Aug 24—A domestic dispute about what is recycling and what is simply garbage erupted into a neighborhood brawl. Several citations were distributed along with recycling guidelines.

900 block Garland Ave 9 p.m. Aug 22—A raw foodist was hit in the head with a fully cooked garden burger. The offender left the scene before police arrived.

800 block Sligo Creek Pkwy. 10 a.m. Aug 25—"Dog people" and "kid people" staged simultaneous sit-ins in the playground at the bottom of Houston Avenue. Animals and people were treated for dog- and/or child-bites at the scene.