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Farmers Sue Montgomery County School System

Fall 2005

Farmers object to nonconsensual use of cucumber in middle school health classes.

ROCKVILLE, MD—Business suits met overalls this week, as members of the Montgomery County Farmers’ Association descended on Rockville to meet with Board of Education and Montgomery County Public Schools officials. The farmers oppose Montgomery County’s recently-scrapped sex education curriculum, and they are not satisfied with the temporary injunction already imposed on MCPS by U.S. District Court.

The group contends that the sex education unit, which includes a video demonstrating how to put a condom on a cucumber, unfairly promotes a vegisexual agenda. The MCFA has filed suit against the school system, seeking a permanent ban on the use or discussion of fruits or vegetables in health class. Under current MCPS policy, teachers are allowed to discuss produce only in response to specific questions posed by students.

Last year, the Montgomery County Farming Association made headlines when they joined with People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables in protesting the proposed curriculum. “I do not want my children exposed to that garbage in the classroom,” said PETV Executive Director and PTA member Francine Purdue. “Put it in the compost pile, where it belongs.”