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From time to time, editorial staff of the Takoma Pork feel the pulse of the people on pressing issues facing the community. We ask hard-hitting questions to evoke thoughtful, provocative responses. Here are your answers.


Jacob Weisman
A: I'm not sure whether I do or not. Is there a reason why I should?
Jeremy Murray
A: No, um, you don't really have anything for me to feel sorry about.
Susan Healy
A: That's an interesting question. What kind of question is that? I think I need more information.
Edwina Montague
A: Where's Mommy?
Are you gone yet?
This lady is not my mother!

Robert Silverman, Lakewood, NJ

A: Who’s us? Should I feel sorry for you? Listen, it reminds me of this time I was walking down Venice Beach in California—you know Venice Beach?—and this guy walks up to me and taps me on the shoulder. He says, aren’t you Bob Silverman? Right there in Venice Beach, where all the crazies are, you know, the weight lifters, and the roller skaters, the girls in short shorts. And there’s the son of my friend Joe’s accountant! Can you believe it?”