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Fall 2005

Would you trust this man?

Takoma Park, MD—Takoma Park parents were thrown off guard last week when they learned that a successful local midwifery practice was actually staffed by board-certified obstetricians concealing their training. The two obstetricians were exposed after a patient underwent complications requiring them to perform emergency surgery. Upon awakening and discovering the deception, the patient filed a class action suit for emotional distress, fraud, and breach of birth contract. To make the case more unusual, one of the two apparently female midwives was found to be a man... (read more)

TAKOMA PARK, MD—First it was meat. Now, it's heat. It's true—the Takoma Park Farmer's Market has become one of the area's leading suppliers of small arms. In a move that has barely caused a ripple in the liberal leaning community, the Farmer's Market began selling handguns, AK-47s, and grenades alongside the organic meat, produce, and freshly baked goods... (read more)

TAKOMA PARK, MD—The Takoma Park Independence Day Committee has formed a task force to review its operational procedures after a number of “parade rage” incidents marred this past summer’s Fourth of July festivities... (read more)

Oink of the week: “I’m all over this Pork thing. It’s so funny I almost felt my mouth twitch.”

Mayor Kathy Porter

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