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Sapped of its will to live, an area tree tries to communicate its despair.

Ax of Mercy? Tree Care Leaves Room For Doubt

TAKOMA PARK, MD—The ad simply says “Arborist,” but through word of mouth nearly every resident in this tree-lined section of Takoma Park knows Dr. Treevorkian’s specialty. Their reactions, however, are anything but unified...(read more)

Mayor Porter still sleeps with the childhood doll that she called Abramoff.

TAKOMA PARK, MD—The long tentacles of the political corruption scandal roiling the Nation’s Capital infiltrated Takoma Park last month when allegations surfaced regarding a relationship between Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and our very own Mayor, Kathy Porter. Documents obtained by Takoma Pork reporters show that the Justice Department is investigating allegations that Porter may have received benefits from Abramoff in connection with local development projects.

(read more) 

TAKOMA PARK, MD—Local residents initially campaigned heavily against the opening of “Unsavory,” a sex shop located in quiet downtown Takoma Park, but the new addition is slowly gaining acceptance.  Said Sally Acious, a council member, “Of course we didn't want anything sleazy in the new downtown area, but then we gave it more thought.  It’s not like it’s Wal-mart—it’s a Mom-and-Pop community store.  And it’s sex, not violence....”(read more)


Thanks to everyone who came out mid-blizzard to party for the Pork!  Click here to see photos and read all about it.

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