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Winter 2006 Issue
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Winter 2006


I SAW YOU at the library circle time. You:  Tall, black t-shirt and jeans, Keen sandals.” Me:  Blonde, black t-shirt and jeans, Keen clogs, with burping cloth tossed jauntily over my shoulder.  Our eyes met during “Wheels on the Bus.”  I wanted to say “hi” but my older daughter threw a tantrum, and when I looked up you were gone. Are you a desperate mommy like me? Then let’s meet for coffee and/or possible friendship.

SM seeking SF for hot nights!  You won’t find anybody like me in Takoma Park.  I’m tall, thin, dirty blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.  I like wearing sandals year round and I’m not afraid to let you pick up the tab again and again.  Do you like long backrubs, new age music, and strange, not easily identified odors?  I’m your man! 

SF new to the area, looking for someone to wine and dine me at local restaurants.  Are there any local restaurants?  Please call.

DM seeking lady of any race/age for fun, friendship, possibly more.  I like long walks along Sligo Creek, romantic, candlelit dinners, and suckling at your breast like a baby.  People say I’m good looking.  Also that I suck like a Hoover.  Please call!

GM seeking GM of any race, age, or ethnicity in Takoma Park.  I can’t be the only one!  Please call.

Older GF seeking other Takoma Park lesbians to live on the edge again. Enough mainstreaming.  Let’s raise some hell and make out in Germantown! 


Recruits needed for War on Easter. Now that Christmas is in its last throes, our focus turns to Easter.  Call 1-800-WoE-IS-ME to join.

Simplicity Circle. Tired of a complicated cluttered life? Come to our simplicity workshop to learn how to get rid of stuff that weighs you down and stop buying into our consumer culture and clear your mind of all that unnecessary negativity and get back to a less complicated way of living that doesn’t require lots of gadgets and appliances that you buy for your friends and family or maybe they buy for you. If this sounds like something you are interested in, and you would like more information, or perhaps you are just curious, please call for information Mondays between 1pm and 2pm at the following number, let it ring through twice and someone will call you back, via *69. If you want to attend the meeting go to our website www.thiswaytoasimplerandbetterlife.org/register/click_here/but_not_here/ to find our email address. Email us your fax number and we will fax you a registration form. To get directions go to Google, type in Mapquest, then type in “Simplicity Takoma”, of the 18 results that pop up, choose number 13, then type in your 10-digit zip code, or phone number (except 240 area code), and the directions will pop up. Make sure you select “quickest route” and not “shortest route” or you may make a wrong turn into Sligo Creek. 

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