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Fourbidden Love
Winter 2006 Issue
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Fourbidden Love Flourishes in Takoma Park

Winter 2006

The foursome tied the knots at the Takoma Park Community Center.

TAKOMA PARK, MD—History was made once again in Takoma Park when two families married each other in a moving ceremony at the new community center. Stefan and Cheri Trudeau married Don and Jessica Milligan, the first-ever marriage of two couples in this country.

“We’re thrilled to be on the vanguard of this important social movement,” said Mayor Kathy Porter.  “We’re a tolerant community.  Any consenting adults should have the right to get married—couples, foursomes, threesomes, whatever!—and we’ve proven that here.” 

The two families, however, seem unaware of the political implications of the union.  “We’re in love,” said Cheri Trilligan —who goes by the new surname adopted by the two couples.  “We’re happy.  That’s all we care about.”

According to the Trilligans,  it all started several years ago when the families became friendly.  “We made friends the way many families do—through our children,” explained Jessica Trilligan.  “We started hanging out when our oldest children were babies.  Just the usual things—pizza parties, park playdates, brunches and dinners together.”

“Cheri and I knew early on that we were ready to settle down with another family,” said Stefan Trilligan.  “When we met Don and Jessie and their kids, we knew they were ‘the ones.’  But Don and Jessie were still heavily into the playdating scene.  They were still seeing several other families when we met.”

When asked when that all changed, the foursome giggled.  “For me, it was when we took our first vacation together,” said Don Trilligan.  “We were all frolicking on the beach and having so much fun.  And then, there was this beautiful sunset, and all of our eyes met, and we just KNEW.”  It was that vacation that made the two couples realize they were meant to be together, the Trilligans agreed.

The Trilligans acknowledged that life as a blended family can get complicated.  To accommodate their five children, they bought a bigger house and a standard-size van.  “It can get crazy around here sometimes,” said Stefan Trilligan.  “But the beauty of the marriage is that the kids have two moms and two dads.  How many couples with young kids fantasize about that?  For us, it’s a reality.”

“I mean, what mom —or dad —doesn’t wish there were two of her?,” added Jessica Trilligan.  “This way, we can be the parents we want to be without giving up our own hopes and desires.  It’s the ultimate work-family balance.” 

“I’m sure more families are going to do this when they realize how great it is,” Cheri Trilligan agreed.  “Everyone knows how crazy the real estate market is here.  This way, we could finally trade up for a bigger house once we combined all of our incomes.  And we can claim all of the kids as deductions on our taxes.”

The marriage has even helped her relationship with her parents and in-laws, added Jessica Trilligan.  “They were resistant at first.  Mom was worried that Stefan and Cheri were too young for us.  But then they realized they would finally have the multiple grandchildren they’ve been pressuring us for all these years,” she said.

In fact, the foursome is hoping to have another child together.  “We want to have a baby that all of us will truly share, “ said Don Trilligan.  The couple is working with a fertility expert to ensure the baby has genetic components from all four Trilligans. 

To help other families looking to “make it legal,” the Trilligans are launching a wedding planning and life coaching business.  “This is going to catch on big in Takoma Park,” said Stefan Trilligan.  “We just want to help other foursomes share in the love and enjoy all the benefits we now have.”


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