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Volunteer Do-Las practice their encouraging moves as the Community Center is prepared for Do It Day.

TAKOMA PARK, MD--A coalition of Takoma Park moms, upset at the near-elimination of alternative birthing options since the midwives were forced to leave, has announced plans to make their labor cries heard all the way in Annapolis. Inspired by “nurse in” protest events staged by breastfeeding mothers, the group has announced Monday, Sept. 3 -- Labor Day -- as Maryland Birth Day, to be celebrated with a “birth in” at the Maryland state house.

“Women should be able to give birth however and wherever they feel safe," said Tina Bradley, the group's spokesperson.  "These politicians in Annapolis need to see the whole bloody show of options."

The group estimates that at least 50 women will be on hand to give birth on the steps of the statehouse in Annapolis, based on participation in December's precursor event "Do It Day." Organizers were surprised at the turnout for the event, which was held at the Takoma Park Community Center.  But for some participants, it was a no-brainer. "I had a lot of fun and I even learned some funky new positions from the Acro-Airs," said future dad Chip Danforth. "I'm so glad I came!"  Volunteer "Do-las" were on hand to change the sheets and provide encouragement.   

At the birth-in, protesters plan to showcase numerous birthing options.  Some will bring plastic wading pools for underwater deliveries, while others will use hypnobirthing techniques.  Protest leaders will have bullhorns to shout out reminders to the women to breathe.

Former Governor and Comptroller William Donald Schaefer was asked to champion the cause after his urprise attempt to participate in "Do It Day."  "I really want to get behind the women of our state."

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